About RJ Hooper Photography



Born and Raised in Utah, RJ has spent his life in the American Southwest. Now residing in St. George Utah, he is at the door step of the southwest. He is full time Battalion Chief for the St. George Fire Department.




He spends the majority of his time away from work exploring the desert southwest. He has been a photographer since a young age, starting out with 35 mm film and then moving into digital. He tries to capture the abstract images of the American southwest, finding it difficult to capture the "big picture". He often returns to his favorite locations dozens of times, waiting for that moment when light, composition, and weather all come together.


Not being discouraged by a high school photography teacher who told him to find another career, he quit formally studying photography. Since then he has become a self taught photographer drawing only influence from other photographers such as Peter Lik, Guy Tal, and Art Wolfe. Often times learning from your own mistakes and by trial and error is the best teaching tool.


 RJ Hooper and world Renowned Photographer Peter Lik Shooting in Zion National Park.


 His current equipment consists of Canon digital SLR with a wide variety of lenses ranging from wide angle to super telephoto. Each camera system has its role in photography and both have advantages and disadvantages. Large format photography forces you to slow down and pay attention to more detail and close attention to composition. Digital SLRs allow you to take advantage of quickly moving light and dynamic scenes more so than large format.


In recent years some of his work has been featured in National Geographic publications and available commercially through National Geographic Stock Photography division. RJs work has reached millions of people around the globe thanks to Social Media. He has also recently been named one of the top emerging professional photographers in the country and one of the top 100 photographers to follow.


 You can also follow him on Facebook under RJ Hooper Photography and Instagram @rjhooperphoto





Thank you for taking an interest in my photography! Feel free to email me with any inquires you may have about me or my work!